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Contributions Contacts - Unemployment Insurance

Contributions Division
1100 N. Eutaw Street
Room 414
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

The Contributions Division is dedicated to ensuring that eligible citizens of Maryland have access to unemployment insurance benefits when and if it is necessary. Our responsibilities include collecting quarterly unemployment insurance contributions from liable employers and paying unemployment benefits to entitled individuals. Contributions Division contacts are listed below.

Easy Employer Assistance Tips:

  1. You may find a person or unit to contact from the directory below.
  2. You may call the voice response system toll-free on 1-800-492-5524, and from the main menu:
    • Press (1) to file a quarterly Contribution/Employment Report.
    • Press (2) if you are responding to an Agency notice or you need information on your unemployment insurance account.
    • Press (3) if you want a form mailed or faxed to you. Currently, the following forms are available from the telephone system: (1) a Combined Registration Application, which is used to establish a new account ; or (2) a form to correct a Contribution/Employment Report for a prior quarter.
    • Press (4) if are calling an individual and you know the person’s last name.
    • Press (5) to obtain balance due
    • Press (6) to obtain a tax rate
  1. You may register for an unemployment insurance account at the Maryland Comptroller's Office website.
  2. You can send questions or comments to us at the address listed above, contact us by phone, or e-mail directly to the DLLR Contributions Division at
  3. You may obtain the specifications for reporting your quarterly Contribution/Employment Report via FTP.

Director, Contributions Division
Jim McVicker
Room 416
(Fax) 410-767-2501

Deputy Director, Contributions Division

Account Maintenance Section
Scott Lucas, Chief
Room 416

Employer Status - To open an account or change an address
(Fax) 410-767-2848

Experience Rate - To verify or question an unemployment insurance tax rate
Room 407
(Fax) 410-350-8999

Employer Assistance - To question a delinquency notice or obtain a blank unemployment insurance tax return
Room 404
(Fax) 410-333-5150

Separation Notice Penalties - To question a $15 Separation Notice penalty
Room 410
(Fax) 410-767-3290

Tax Collection & Enforcement - To resolve calls made by the Division to obtain delinquent tax reports
Room 404
(Fax) 410-767-2715

Benefit Charge Correspondence - To question unemployment benefits being charged to your account
Room 407
(Fax) 410-350-8900

Accounting & Fund Management Section
Monica Douglass, Chief, Room 416

Accounts Receivable - To obtain a 940 certification, to correct previously reported wages, and to obtain a refund of overpaid unemployment insurance taxes
Room 415
(Fax) 410-767-2680

Reimbursable Employer Accounting - To resolve any question concerning non-profit reimbursing employers
Room 410
(Fax) 410-333-7754

Tax Enforcement Section
Marius Chukwurah, Chief
2800 W. Patapsco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230

Field Audit & Investigation - To inquire about an unemployment insurance employer audit, or to report suspected employer fraud
(Fax) 410-225-7057

Legal Collections - To resolve judgments for non-payment of unemployment insurance taxes
Room 400
(Fax) 410-767-2757

Misclassification of Workers - To inquire about or report possible misclassification of workers
Toll free: 1-800-492-5524

Federal Treasury Offset Program - To inquire about federal payment to your business that has been intercepted for unpaid and undisputed unemployment insurance tax.
(Fax) 410-225-7057 (fax)

State Vendors Payment Intercept - To inquire about payment to your business from the State of Maryland that has been intercepted for unpaid and undisputed unemployment insurance tax.
(Fax) 410-225-7057

License and Tax Clearance - To inquire about your business license, including MVA registration and license, that is flagged for unpaid and undisputed unemployment insurance tax.
To inquire about DLLR's Division of Unemployment Insurance tax clearance to do business in Maryland.
(Fax) 410-225-7057

Legal Services Section
Jared Murphy, Director
Room 508

Litigation & Prosecution - To resolve questions concerning bankruptcy claims for unpaid unemployment insurance taxes
Room 401
(Fax) 410-333-5059

Review Determination - To question an appeal or an unemployment insurance tax hearing
(Fax) 410-333-5059

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