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Job Seeker Services - Workforce Development & Adult Learning

The Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning (DWDAL) oversees the State's workforce programs and ensures employers have the skilled workforce they need to be competitive as well as helps Marylanders access employment, training and education resources and services.

Overview: Maryland's Workforce System, comprised of a partnership between the thirty-two (32) American Job Centers and the twelve (12) Workforce Investment Boards, serves as the primary tool for both adults and dislocated workers to access a vast array of resources, including training, with the end result of securing gainful employment. The Centers are part of Maryland Jobs Now, a network of high-performing, results-oriented workforce organizations investing in employment and training strategies, services, and initiatives, affording Marylanders good-paying jobs in a thriving economy. Each of the Career Centers offers access to the Maryland Workforce Exchange Virtual One Stop (MWE-VOS) - a web-based program allowing job seekers to manage their own career accounts using individual on-line folders. A visit to the MWE-VOS site will provide not only assistance to job seekers but to businesses as well who post job opening in the job bank or look for potential candidates for employment opportunities. Additionally, MWE-VOS may be accessed from an individual's home computer as well, and via the mobile app.

Veterans: Maryland American Job Centers offer Priority of Service to Veterans, including case management services, referral to supportive services, and vocational guidance.

Agricultural Employers and Workers: Assistance for individuals and businesses is available at the American Job Centers, such as bilingual services, career planning, and job search workshops and programs.

Individuals with Disabilities: A full range of employment services is available to applicants with disabilities.

Resource Guide for the Unemployed

Take the time to visit a American Job Center today, where Marylanders can seamlessly access a broad array of educational, job training, and career services. DWDAL staff are committed to job seekers - striving to enhance one's self-sufficiency and improve his or her life.