Maryland Adult Education and Literacy Services Program


GEDŽ Testing on Computer - Information for Educators/Administrators

  1. The GEDŽ test on computer uses basic technology found in many job applications, workplaces, and training programs.
  2. The easy-to-use online registration and scheduling allows adults to take the GEDŽ test on their time and move on with their lives.
  3. Some benefits for adults taking the GEDŽ test on computer include:
      1. Instant score reports: Test-takers will enjoy piece of mind knowing they immediately passed.
      2. One-stop registration and scheduling: Easy-to-use online registration and scheduling. Test-takers can see what testing times are available at all nearby testing centers.
      3. Flexible testing experience: Test-takers can take the GEDŽ test at their own pace. If they finish a content area, they can immediately continue to the next content area.
  4. For more information regarding GED computer-based testing (CBT), go to the information for Educators on the GED Testing Service website.