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Maryland Locksmith Licensing Program

The Maryland Locksmith Licensing Program is accepting applications from businesses, including sole proprietors, seeking to become licensed. See the “Licensing Applications” feature on our website to download an application.

Title 12.5 of the Business Regulation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, also known as the "Maryland Locksmiths Act" sets forth the requirements for the licensing and regulation of businesses or commercial entities that "provide locksmith services" in Maryland. The term is defined in Section 1-101 of the Act as follows:

(h) "Provide locksmith services" means to engage professionally and for compensation in:
  (1) repairing, rebuilding, rekeying, repinning, recombinating, adjusting, or installing mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical locking devices, safes, vaults, or safe deposit boxes; or
  (2) operating a mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical locking device or opening safes, vaults, or safe deposit boxes by a means other than that intended by the manufacturer of such locking devices.

Locksmith businesses that must obtain a license to operate include corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and sole proprietors. Employees who do hands-on work as defined above do not need a license to be hired or to continue working. However, employees are required to undergo a criminal background check, the results of which may have an effect on employability.

News and Updates

None at this time.

Proposed Regulations Currently Open for Public Comment

There are no proposed regulations by the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation for Maryland locksmiths at this time.

To register your comments with the Department, send your letter to the Maryland Locksmith Licensing Program, 500 N. Calvert Street, 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202; call 410-230-6250; or e-mail

Maryland Locksmith Licensing Program
500 N. Calvert Street, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-3651