DLLR's Office of Fair Practices


DLLR Minority Business Enterprise Policy Statement


EFFECTIVE: March 1, 2007

The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation ("DLLR") is committed to providing equal opportunity to minority business enterprises (MBEs) in its procurement practices. All Department staff functioning in the procurement effort are expected to fully support DLLR’s efforts to meet and, wherever possible, exceed the State’s minimum MBE participation goal of 25%. The Department has a documented program for internal use to ensure consistency in its efforts. Jennifer Dashiell Reed, Director of the Office of Fair Practices, serves in the position of MBE Liaison, and she is charged with the vigorous implementation of DLLR’s MBE Program. DLLR has developed a unique team approach toward achieving MBE inclusion in all procurement activities.

DLLR is further committed to fully supporting the State’s MBE Program, which includes addressing the issue of the underutilization of minority owned businesses. The Program provides for significant outreach to the minority and small business community, thereby contributing to the stability of the economy of the State of Maryland.

DLLR’s MBE policy is consistent with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), specifically the Minority Business Enterprise Policies chapter at COMAR 21.11.03. DLLR’s MBE Program implements a process which satisfies statewide MBE regulations.

It is my intention to closely monitor closely and to be held accountable for MBE participation within this Department. I anticipate DLLR’s full effort towards maximizing opportunities for minority businesses in all procurement activities.

Please refer related questions to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Program Equity at 1100 North Eutaw Street, Room 214, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, Telephone (410) 230-6319; TTY: (410) 225-7039; E-mail: oeope@dllr.state.md.us.